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Voting yes today ensures a brighter tomorrow where generations can enjoy robust parks and recreation facilities that serve as the centerpiece of Island Life.  

  • Continued maintenance of existing facilities, trails and parks

  • Comprehensive programming that enhances quality of life through...

    • Social, physical, and emotional well-being​

    • Environmental stewardship​

The last time BIMPRD asked the community for a Levy Lid Lift was 2008 - yet - park expansion has tripled in 13 years.


This gradual expansion is the result of multiple entities, including COBI and State Parks Department, Bainbridge Island Land Trust, Bainbridge Island Park Foundation, individual donors and many others entrusting land and facilities to BIMPRD in response to the needs of our community.

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A vote to restore the levy lid lift is a vote to enrich quality of life for all generations by maintaining a treasured island asset - our parks.
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