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While BIMPRD has cultivated generous partners and donors who have made this stewardship possible, the next step is to assure the proper funding necessary to maintain these resources and the continuation of excellent community programming

Lid Lift Levy -  Resolution 2021-01

A RESOLUTION of the of the Board of Commissioners of the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District, Kitsap County, Washington, relating to regular property taxes; providing for the submission to the qualified electors of the District at a special election held in conjunction with the statewide primary election on August 3, 2021, of a proposition authorizing the District to levy regular property taxes in excess of the limitations of ch. 84.55 RCW; setting forth the text of the ballot proposition; directing proper District officials to take necessary actions; and providing for other properly related matters.

To view the full Lid Lift Levy Resolution 2021-01

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